MERZBOW with a special guest at OEF Asia 2015!!!

There is no need to say more words about this awesome noise/electro one-man band. MERZBOW is a Japanese vegan noise project of Masami Akita.

Porn, masks, weed and grind from ANAL VOLCANO!!!

Masked gore / grind madness from young and stoned band ANAL VOLCANO coming from deep body orifice.

Fucking mosh with ROSEROSE!!!

There are bands formed some time ago and no one knows them and there are bands which were established more than 30 years ago and they still kick ass!

DEATH STRIKE's special live set at Obscene Extreme Asia 2015!!!

This live appearence will be one of the special and memorable experiences for every death /grind fan who will attend this year´s Obscene Extreme Asia 2015 festival in Japan! DEATH STRIKE`s special set! „Fuckin´ Death“!

MECOSARIO aka The Rising Sun Pride Okazaki City Grind!!!

What do you expect from the band with name taken from song title from BRUJERIA and coming from Japan? Yeah, brutal and raw! Guys from MECOSARIO know how to sharp the machete!

Moshpit with TAINTED DICKMEN at OEF Asia 2015!!

This country is full of undiscovered and underrated bands. Thrash/grind monster TAINTED DICKMEN should be one of them. Formed in Fukouka during 2008. Fresh wind in the Japanese underground metal scene! Their life shows are unforgettable.

More noise destruction for Obscene Extreme Asia 2015!!! DECHE-CHARGE!!!

Be ready for a pure noise destruction from these North American veterans! This band from Quebec, Canada called DECHE-CHARGE started back in August 1990 as a joke. 

Queens of noise rock!!!

There are many descriptions which are trying to say what music style do MELT-BANANA play. Noise rock? Synth grind? Hardcore? The answer should be - come on and listen to them at Obscene Extreme Festival Asia 2015!

Pure, angry hardcore from NOT A NAME SOLDIER


Ok, there is a need for some fresh wind.We suppose that mixing styles is some kind of a typical feature of Obscene Extreme Festival. Here we go with pure, angry hardcore band NOT A NAME SOLDIER.

FUCK ON THE BEACH will perform an insane and fast live show at Obscene Extreme Asia 2015!!!

Don't fuck with FUCK ON THE BEACH.

Power violence is not dead!

And here we have living proof.