Evil metal / punk show from DÖRAID!!!

Pure fucking evil! Metal punk for the fans of Venom / Hellhammer or GISM. Everytime this band releases a new recording, it is sold out in a few days! Their last one called „Midnight“ was released as a 10inch at Strong Mind Japan label and after a few days it was gone.

Robert Flipp said: „…when grind scene needs CSSO, we appear“!!!

And it is plain truth! Formed in 1993 they became a legend in a single decade.

It´s time to slow down, it´s time for GONGURI!!!

It is time to slow down. And it is time to get to know a great doom / sludge band from South Korea – GONGURI. If you like the massive, slow sound of bands like CORRUPTED or COFFINS we bet you will like GONGURI too. 

Grind your heads with S.O.B.!!!

More than 30 years of noise destruction! The legendary S.O.B. who were there at the very beginning of the whole grind / thrash / death scene in the late 80's will show they still know how to grind your heads at Obscene Extreme Asia 2015!

Genial mix of early thrash, NWOBHM and raw punk, this is BARBATOS!!!

Metal, punk plus sex & alcohol! Legendary and respected underground metal band BARBATOS will show their true metal / punk set live at Obscene Extreme Asia 2015! 

Slow parts mixed with insane blasts!!! SU19B!!!

SU19B is one of the most active sludgecore/grind bands originating from the  Japanese scene. Their last album released at the beginning of 2015 is a total crudity.

Young grind core band coming from the UG scene of Tokyo – CORBATA!!!

CORBATA is a relatively new band but the members of this hardcore / grind band have been recruited from bands like Vivisection, Dropend or Spiral.

Sick gore grind from Italy!!! 2 MINUTA DREKA!!!

Hentai obsessed, porn addicts, Italian heartbreakers, the bizarre porn grind stable known as 2 MINUTA DREKA is ready to blast Japan as their blood is already boiling thinking about landing to a place filled by schoolgirls with white panties and socks as such is the land of the rising sun!!!

Heavy and dark hardcore from the local heroes PALM!!!

PALM! One of the heaviest metallic hardcore bands coming from Japan!

Old school crust / grind attack at OEF Japan 2015 – LITTLE BASTARDS!!!

Established in 1992! Japan grind (or punk … or hardcore ..) bands are totally insane and this band is no different.